Every business started off as an idea and it takes lots of courage to make it into a reality.

Sunshine Interface started in the exact same model by its 2 co-founders and they size the right opportunity to establish itself and grow  the business in a dynamic way.

Today, it has grown into a successful establishment with a team of competent staffs and a chain of dealers and operations under its arm. As a form to give back to society,  Sunshine Interface will assist all new start-ups in their first venture and probably their first investment which is the office.
Sunshine Interface has set aside a sum of $50,000 to help finance new start-ups in setting up their office so that they too can have a professional office interior and layout.

How will Sunshine Interface Assist?

  • To provide subsidy up to 20% of total project cost
  • To provide 0% instalment plan
  • To provide 3D design and layout drawing (no cost)
  • To provide consultation on all aspect in getting the office up and running (no cost)

Who can Apply?

  • All new start-ups
  • Have a maximum of 15 staffs
  • Company to be incorporated within 3 year from date of request (case-by-case basis)
  • Only applicable to office located in Singapore

Terms & Conditions
Sunshine Interface has the right to reject any application that it deem inappropriate to apply and need not give any reason in doing so. The 20% subsidy of the cost does not include any promotional items and is not liable for any other promotional gifts. 0% instalment is subject to the approval of the management and is on a case-by-case basis for the length of term. Design and layout drawing are to be provided by sunshine interface in-house designers and the drawing are the property of sunshine interface and is not allowed to be distributed or shared. All new start-ups refers to those companies who have registered with ACRA and is no more than 3 years old from date of registration. Sunshine Interface reserve to withdraw this assistance scheme without prior notice and have the final say should any matter arise.

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