When we buy a lamp, its because we want the light
When we go to school, its because we want an education
When we get married, its because we want a lifelong partner
When you find an employment, its because you want a lifelong career path
Which can grow together with your interest and capability.

At Sunshine Interface, we are ready to take this approach to grow together with you and
mutually supporting each other along the way until we reach our destination.

Due to our rapid growth, Sunshine Interface adopts a proactive working environment in which each staff is treated as a business partner contributing to the success of the company and creating a blueprint for the future.

As such, across all levels we seek individuals who have the following capabilities.

1) A team orientated person who must be able to be a good team player.
2) Objective driven which is to have a sense of responsibility of his/her task.
3) A desire to succeed and move on to the next level when opportunity arise.

If you possess the above characteristics, we welcome you to join our teams in the following positions

1) Marketing Executive ( Singapore & Malaysia )

2) Interior Designer ( Singapore )

3) Project Executive (Singapore)

4) Driver / Installer (Singapore)

For all the above position, Please submit your detailed resume with your last drawn salary, reason for leaving each job and expected salary to hr@sunshineinterface.com

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