This is our eco-commitment and it should be the responsibility of the entire organization

It shall start with our clients… Sunshine Interface is initiating a PLANT – A – TREE program to be incorporated in our products and as such, is dedicating $2 for every worktop sold to be used to plant asa tree.

How it work?

Every time a client purchase a worktop, be it a desk or in the form of workstation
(min. 1200mmLength x 600mmDepth)

Sunshine Interface will set aside $2 for the PLANT – A – TREE program and once $200 has been collected, we will donate the entire amount to the garden city fund <

Our Aim?

We want to do our part for the environment as the world’s rain forest is diminishing at an astonishing rate and our goal is to have at least 200 trees planted each year.

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