Getting a new unit can possibly be the happiest moment that most people will remember but handing over a unit can be the most dreaded moment to do.

It is a cycle, beautiful office being renovated and after an average of 3 years, it is time to hand the unit back to the building management and all the interiors, wirings and fittings have to be reinstated back to its original condition which is a BARE UNIT.

Creating beautiful offices has always been our passion and as such we have come to love reinstating offices to their original condition so that once again, a beautiful office can be created once again.

For us, we would advise the following to the client,

1) Have a walkabout and suggest what could be salvaged to save cost
2) Prepare a schedule of project
3) Adhere to the reinstatement requirement from the building management

Office Relocation

By experience,  most people hate relocation as it is both time consuming and costly, and can get even worse when things goes out of schedule.

How do we know? Because we have done lots of re-location for our clients and through experience, we have come to understand that proper planning is much more important than anything else.

1) Understand the client’s requirement.
2) Communicating well with the building management.
2) Find out all the cut off timing, measurements and understanding the site well
3) Walk through the entire process with the client to ensure a smooth relocation 

We might be able to offer a helping hand in this area and also give you a whole lot savings and a peace of mind too.

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