At Sunshine Interface, The management has 7 commitments to guide them in their everyday business decisions and also as a testimonial towards standards such as the ISO 9001-2000.

As such, we would like to highlight the 7 commitments that stipulate Sunshine Interface Management guidelines.

Towards Quality

Quality has always been a top priority and to reflect its commitment, Sunshine Interface has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 In Quality Assurance Standards. Sunshine Interface is fully committed to provide quality products and will continue to strive hard to maintain its high standards.

Towards Safety

We are fully committed to safety and takes a stringent stand  towards workplace safety policy. Much time and effort were invested in obtaining the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001

Sunshine Interface has also obtained the BizSafe Level 2 that is issued by workplace safety and health (WSH) Council to enhanced Sunshine Interface approach towards acquiring risk management capability .

Towards Environment

Green is the future and Sunshine Interface is fully committed to going green starting right from Its own office.

Towards Industry

We know that Sunshine Interface can never been alone in this industry that is why it band together with other companies alike under Singapore Furniture Industry Council (SFIC) and Singapore Furniture Association (SFA) to regularly contribute In form of updates and in the forums.

Towards Pricing

We regularly shop around to compare prices of similar items and constantly adjusting our pricing to offer the lowest Price possible to our much valued clients.

Towards Staff

Our Staffs are all that make what we are today and we are fully committed in providing a value enhancing career for all our staffs as we know if we treat our staffs well, they will treat our clients even better.

Towards Community

The community plays an important part and we will try all means possible to give back to community and as such, Sunshine Interface fully supports the World Vision group and Handicap Welfare Association thru funding and donations of system furniture.

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