Our Clients

We appeal to our clients in many aspects but ultimately, we are the office furniture people and we know our own system much better than anyone else does.

So who really are our clients ?

1) Interior Designers –They are really pleased with our range of office system furniture and the efficiency of our service, thus giving them a peace of mind. The Pole system is an instant hit as it is versatile and color matching is never an issue again because of its unique 30cm height
range which allows application of a variety of colors.

2) Government Institutions – As an approved provider of office system furniture, we have completed large numbers of institutional projects and this not only highlight our quality, but our exposure too in this field to be among the selected few.

3)  Developers  - Usually when a new building is completed, the next step is to get it fully done up and furnished with the basic office furniture and thus giving us lots of opportunities to explore into this area.

4) Office/Facilities Manager – They are usually the group of end-users who comes to us to have their office done up and we provide them services like space planning, office relocation and office fit out using a combination of our systems.

5) SOHO – There is a growing trend for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) in Singapore as more people prefer to work from their comfort of their home.

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